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Ironclad Old Dutch

Ironclad Old Dutch

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The Ironclad Dutch Oven is the most versatile piece of cookware you’ll ever own. Hand-poured to order in Australia using the highest grade of recycled iron, this piece can be used as the Swiss Army Knife of cooking thanks to an innovative, durable design. Just look at these moves!

  • The Dutch Stack. Stack the lid on top of the pot for roasting, stewing and soup-ing. A classic!
  • The Upside Down Baker. The knobless lid means you can flip the pot on top of the lid, turning the Old Dutch into a bread oven. 
  • The Happy Camper. Fill the pot with coals and put the lid upside down on top. Ta-da! Campstove. 
  • The Second Skillet. Use the lid on its own as an extra skillet. Double skillet = double happy. 

The Old Dutch is hand-poured to order using the highest grade of recycled iron and arrives straight from the foundry unseasoned (which means no nasty chemicals, dyes or enamels — better for you and for the planet). Everything you need to prepare the Old Dutch for cooking comes in the box, and with use, becomes a rich, copper black over time.

  • 4.5L Capacity
  • High-Grade Recycled Iron
  • Ergonomic Non-slip Handles (designed for oven-mitted hands)
  • Interlocking Base and Lid
  • 2.4kg Lid, 4kg Pot (± 10%)
  • 365mm Handle to Handle (fits a leg of lamb or two chickens)
  • 146mm High Sides (with the lid)
  • 110mm High Sides (without the lid)

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